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We’ve Got A New Look

A Fresh Start for Cast The Net Media

“Hey everybody, come see how good I look!” is the Anchorman quote that Cast The Net Media’s New website would be banding around if it was old enough to know how to talk.

Since it’s only been around for a few days though, I’ll take the time to say how chuffed I am with the business’ revamp and new website. I’ve been working on updating the company’s branding and aesthetic since the turn of the year; when your own website, logo and everything that goes with it is one of the first projects you complete, it stands to reason that over time, it doesn’t quite match up to later output as certain skills improve.

And that’s what’s happened really. This website, bless its soul, has suffered neglect for a good year or so, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s taken a big step up!

A New Logo

So, this is really just a post to highlight some of the things I’ve been working on to take Cast The Net Media up another level. Firstly, the company logo has changed. The old was nice and all that, but it was quite restrictive in terms of where I could place it on designs as there was a lot of opacity within the design – it just looked messy when I took the opacity out and was generally causing a few issues. That’s why we have the new ‘Laptop Logo’ based on the computer that I’m bashing away at now – it was the first thing I bought with my first invoice payment so there’s a touch of sentiment there!

The one to the right (or below, depending on how you’re reading this) will be used for profile images with the ‘wordmark’ version at the top of the website being used just about everywhere. Cool, right?

Bringing it all together

Since I designed the new logo with the intention of it being the basis for a whole new look for the new website and the business going forward, I decided to give the Social Media Channels a makeover around the aesthetic whilst I worked my nuts off on the site. I’ve managed to find a collection of high-quality mock-up images that fit really nicely with the colour palette I’ve chosen – I’m very happy with how they’re showcasing my work and they’ve helped to form the core design of the new website at the same time. Oh, whilst you’re here, go and follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. I’m aiming for 200 followers on each by the second half of the year so you can help make that small target happen!

As the site launches TODAY I may as well show you the video I’ve put together to help do just that. It’s all part of an effort to streamline the services on offer and make everything a little more efficient. There’s now just 3 Core Service types: Web Design, Digital Marketing & Graphic Design. Those then have 4, more specfic services within each of them. Simple! Anyway, I’m pretty damn pleased with how this video turned out – give it a watch but carry on reading afterwards, yeah?

Pretty swish right?

Anyway, back to the new website you’re on right now.

The Future

Amongst the new features included is the Chat Box you see in the bottom right which means you (and anyone else visiting) can now chat directly with myself if you have any questions about any of our Web Design, Digital Marketing & Graphic Design services. I can’t give you winning lottery numbers, unfortunately.

There’s also now a dedicated Blog section in which this very post will be housed – the intention is to post regular updates on projects that Cast The Net Media are working on plus design advice of all varieties. Just the simple stuff to help you out when you’re left to your own devices because I’m helpful like that.

There will be additional features added as time goes on – if you’re a budding small business owner yourself, you might want to keep a look out for the Start-Up Starter Pack that I’ll be launching which will include a simple, mobile responsive website, custom domain e-mails, a free set-up on Social Media and Google plus much more. I’ll also be adding a Quote Estimator that allows you to piece together the ideal website for your budget and get an estimate of how much it might cost. All very exciting!

And on that note, I’ll leave you to your day. Feel free to share this along with the video that you’ve just been dazzled by and I’ll see you on your next visit to the Cast The Net Media Blog.

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