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Running a business is a labour of love and a time-consuming one at that. For most business owners, the day-to-day stuff takes up the majority of that time leaving very little opportunity to market your venture to a wider audience. For others, the thought of spending hours, weeks and months getting to grips with all the various digital platforms is a daunting one. Unsurprisingly, the entire concept of marketing is therefore ignored, neglected and put off by thousands of businesses that know it would benefit them.

The good news is, you don’t need to struggle. You don’t need to get bogged down by spending extra hours working on digitally marketing your business, we can do that for you. Take a look at the services we provide below and get in touch to get the ball rolling – it’s the cost effective and efficient solution you’re looking for!

What works for you?

We provide multi-channel marketing support

Social Media Marketing

Is the general public your key customer base? If you don’t have a presence across the various Social Media channels, you’re missing out on sales.

We can take the reins for you and give your business the boost it needs!

E-Mail Marketing

Do you need to put yourself in front of other businesses? Maybe you run an online store?

E-Mail Marketing could be just the solution you need to reach the right people and get your message across to a specific target audience or customer.

Content Marketing

Looking for a way to truly connect with your audience and customer base? Want to add real value to your marketing efforts?

Content Marketing will do just that and you won’t need to lift a finger with Cast The Net Media in charge of yours.


Search Engine Marketing

Everyone knows that gaining prominence on search engines is vital to a business but handling your own Search Engine Marketing can be overwhelming.

We’re here to help with your Google Ads & Listings, problem solved.

Social Media

Your Customer Base is Waiting

77% of the UK’s population have a social media profile, that’s a huge amount of people that you could be selling to.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or resources to fully utilise the power of Social Media in their business. Instead, worrying about aspects of your business’ online presence can feel like an unwanted burden or an overwhelming task and often leads to it being neglected or completely dismissed.

That’s where Cast The Net Media would love to help you out. Whether you need your Social Media pages building from scratch, or simply need help running, managing and improving your current pages, we can help.


Hit Those Inboxes

Don’t let people tell you that e-Mail Marketing is dead, it remains a crucial method of getting your message to your desired audience. What’s more, it also represents great value in terms of return on investment – £38 for every £1 spent, to be precise!

That’s because, with e-Mail Marketing comes truly personalised messaging and the ability to target exactly who your product or service is aimed at. Your tailored message can have a personal touch plus you can be certain that your audience, wherever they may be in the world, has seen what you have to offer.

There’s no guesswork involved here. Everything from confirmations that your messages have been opened to details of which links your customers are clicking is a possibility – the impact of your marketing is totally measurable.


Get Creative

If you’ve already got a website for your business, you’ve probably heard or been told that you should have a blog incorporated onto it. There’s a very good reason for this but it is often advice that goes unheeded when, for a lot of businesses, it could be an absolute game changer.

Having a blog or creating audio & video content related to your business feeds Content Marketing, but why is it necessary? In short it helps to establish you as an authority in your industry, to highlight your knowledge and expertise as well gaining your business free exposure and potential for greater search engine prominance.

However, we understand that not every business has a would-be blogger in their ranks – that’s where we come in. Combining your know-how with our flair for writing and web design, we can present you as the authority that you are.

Search Engine

Get Found

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, small details that get overlooked and ignored. Setting your business up for success in the competitive world of Search Engines is one of those things.

We all want to rank highly in search results so that users searching for our services find us, but many businesses miss out the very basics when it comes to Search Engine Marketing.

That’s why we offer assistance on this front; to set up verified Google Listings, climb the ranking pages and gain visibility on their map of businesses. We can give you insights on how your business is performing in search results, provide guidance on how to use Google My Business and even help with your Pay Per Click campaigns.

What can you expect?


Cost Effective

Most big businesses have in-house teams dedicated to carrying out their Digital Marketing, but that’s not possible for most Small Businesses.

Instead, out-sourcing your efforts to us provides a flexible, cost efficient alternative.


Time Saving

You work hard enough on the day-to-day aspects of running a business without having to worry about learning how to do a second job.

Take back your time, let us carry out your Digital Marketing campaigns, you’re in safe hands.


Obviously, you’ll want to know about the return you’ll be getting on the investment of working with us. That’s why we provide insight reports across all the platforms we work on for you.

How many people have seen your posts? How many website visits did it gain? We’ve got the data.

Increased Exposure

Everyone wants more customers, don’t they? They’re what help our businesses grow and become more and more profitable.

Whilst people may find you organically, maintaining a presence online could have an un-told effect on the success of your business.

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